A South African based non-profit organisation focused on transforming gendered economic inequality through social development and economic and financial protection (and recovery) through the enforcement of maintenance agreements and enforcement of domestic violence protection orders


Economic abuse is when one’s access to economic opportunities is controlled or limited by an intimate partner which creates dependence which is the biggest barrier to leaving an abusive relationship.  This behaviour changes shape and form post relationship whereby money, mostly child support, becomes the tool used to cause harm.


As part of our commitment to our awareness campaign of International Economic Abuse Awareness Day 2022 we are offering a free ebook on Economic Abuse. It explains what the signs of economic abuse and offers valuable insight and practical tips. Complete your details and receive this free copy of this 39 page ebook via email.

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26 November : Economic Abuse Awareness Day

ISDJ in collaboration with international partners are launching Economic Abuse Awareness Day in South Africa on 26 November 2022. The aim is to create awareness around this silent, yet detrimental form of family violence and abuse. Should you want to collaborate with us, or even just support our campaign, please register your interest and we will be in touch.

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