Who we are and what we stand for …

The Institute for Social Development and Justice is a registered South African non-profit organisation focused on addressing economic abuse through awareness, education, advocacy and policy change.  The enforcement of child maintenance is a critical component to limit financial harm to the primary parent and the child.

Children are the glue that binds a victim to a perpetrator.

Financial abuse is part of the post relationship abuse cycle.

Economic and financial abuse is silent and invisible but no less violent than other form of domestic violence.

45% of cohorts interviewed with a base line of R8000pm income said they received no financial support for their children. 25% responded they received child support on an adhoc basis. Source: Old Mutual Savings and Investment Monitor 2021

43% of children lived with their mother – Source: Stats SA 2020

60% of births registered in 2020 only had the mothers name on the birth certificate – Source: Stats SA

We are focused on transforming gendered economic inequality through social development and economic and financial protection (and recovery) with a focus of financial abuse through the child maintenance lens.

Our mission…

To mainstream financial and economic abuse as a form of domestic violence through public awareness in the media, to advocate for greater protection of victims in the judicial process, to train/provide knowledge to service providers so they are able to better serve victims.


We address critical policy gaps that are preventing survivors from recovering and becoming economically secure and independent.

Our vision…

Economic and financial abuse survivors can access protection, access resources and tools to recover from economic and financial abuse and thrive.

Registered as a non-profit company at CIPC.

Registration: 2022/457232/08

Income tax number: 9978958172

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Registration number: MAAA1234634

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Bank: First National Bank

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